Luscious Lemons! 1600 pounds harvested today for San Diego Food Bank

Our beautiful CropSwappers harvested 1600 pounds of luscious lemons today for San Diego Food Bank. Together with 15 volunteers, our pick boss, Chris Paccione, helped pick 4800 servings of fresh fruit for San Diego’s food insecure. Sharing has never been sweeter!


Jenny Craig/Curves team up with CropSwap to pick a whopping 2400 pounds of lemons for San Diego Food Bank!

Yesterday, CropSwap and Jenny Craig/Curves harvested 2400 pounds of lemons for San Diego Food Bank! Can you say teamwork? That is almost 2.5 tons of delicious citrus diverted from the landfill and onto the plates of hungry San Diegans! Thank you, Jenny Craig/Curves team!!!








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Hot hot hot! We wilted but still managed to pick 3200 pounds of oranges!

It was 90 degrees in the shade, but that did not stop our hardy CropSwappers from picking 3200 pounds of Valencias today! Whew!

t-shirt_orangesizzy6_18_16bluesky_picker6_18_16 ambrose6_18_16 6_18_16

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800 pounds of sunshine in a box for San Diego Food Bank

800+ pounds of lemony goodness picked today for San Diego Food Bank. Also, a pic of our newest “pick boss” Tish!

tishnita6_5_16 june5_2106

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Another 2400 pounds of goodness picked for San Diego Food Bank

After our record breaking harvest yesterday with Deloitte volunteers, we still managed to pick 2400 pounds of Valencias with a much smaller crew. Still mighty!!june11_16

CropSwap teams up with Deloitte SD for Impact Day 2016 to pick 4 TONS of grapefruit for Feeding America

Deloittepick6_10_16Together with 45 Deloitte volunteers, we harvested over 8000 pounds of grapefruit for their global day of volunteering, Impact Day 2016. That equates to 27,000 servings of fresh fruit delivered to Feeding America and 4 tons of citrus diverted from the landfill. A new record!!!

Deloitte teams up with ProduceGood for a Gleaning Army! 8000 pounds of grapefruit recovered for Feeding America!

45 Volunteers from Deloitte San Diego joined ProduceGood on their Impact Day 2016, to pick 8000 pounds of grapefruit for Feeding America San Diego. That equals 4 TONS of rescued fruit, that would have otherwise been put in the landfill. That equals 2,400 servings of fruit to San Diego’s food insecure. Sharing has never been sweeter!!!


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First Prize at San Diego County Fair!

First pl1stPlaceSDFairace AND Best of Class at Del Mar Fair for Haylie Bantle’s documentary about CropSwap! Bravo!

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1600 Pounds of Very Vivacious Valencias

1600 pounds of gorgeous Valencias picked on May 23 in Oceanside! Way to go, CropSwappers! You are the best! Thanks especially to Spirit Harbor church, who has been faithfully supporting our food justice mission!


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1000 pounds of sunshine in a box!

1000 pounds of juicy Valencias picked on May 22 for San Diego Food Bank . Thanks beautiful CropSwappers!!‪#‎lovefoodhatewaste‬13256130_1186272911405215_4011172190372702896_n

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