Why We ProduceGood?

Because 40% of all food goes to waste, and because 1 in 5 people in San Diego County is food insecure. By harvesting the extra bounty of San Diego county and delivering to those in need, we are solving the problem of hunger and waste in one sweet step. Read more about our story here.

How We ProduceGood?

With a year-round growing season, hundreds of homeowners in San Diego County have backyard produce that rots or goes to waste and ProduceGood provides an avenue to donate unwanted yields. The ability to donate these harvests depends upon the recruitment and coordination of volunteer teams to glean the fresh produce in order to move it to those who need it most. Read about our Programs here… Read more about our programs here.

Ways to help ProduceGood

Got time? Come help us pick fuit!
Got fruit? We will pick your excess fruit and deliver to food banks. Host a harvest!
Got talent? We need all kinds of skills. Let us know how you want to help.
Got extra funds? We will gladly accept your donation to help expand our reach. Donate here.
Fruit recovered to feed hungry San Diegans