Who we are

Nita Kurmins Gilson
Nita Kurmins GilsonFounding Director, ProduceGood, Program Director, CropSwap
Nita started CropSwapCarlsbad (now CropSwapSanDiego) in 2009 by harvesting neighborhood fruit. What started out as one woman, one box and one car has expanded to include over 300 volunteers who have harvested over 93,000 pounds of fruit from over 35 donors in North San Diego County.

Partnering with Feeding America and San Diego Food Bank, who service over 300 local food agencies CropSwap has been able to increase their harvest size, and expand their reach of food recovery to the needy.

Partnering with Jeri and Alex White, Produce Good will continue CropSwap’s vision by harvesting and rescuing food, educating the community about sustainability and food justice, and reclaiming and transforming the way we think about food.

Jerilyn White
Jerilyn WhiteFounding Director, ProduceGood
Jerilyn White is a former secondary educator and college instructor, as well as a 30-year marketing veteran whose experience spans publishing, software, hardware and international textiles. She founded and directed a successful Advertising Agency focused on print media for trade publications, client communication, and large-scale industry events. She has collaborated with government agencies, as well as private and public companies of all sizes.

Maintaining a lifelong devotion to community service, she was Volunteer Director and Executive Director of Oceanside’s StandUp for Kids, recognized nationally as Program of the Year. In 2011 she was named Volunteer of the Year by the Veterans Association of North County, now an affiliate of ProduceGood.

Jeri is enjoying partnering with her daughter Alex and friend Nita in the creation of sustainable programs which address needs of the underserved. CropSwap is the first of ProduceGood’s opportunities for people interested in helping others, and one of many vehicles which will harness the power of volunteerism, education and community.

Alexandra White
Alexandra WhiteFounding Director, ProduceGood
Alex has eight years of experience in the food industry, from production to supply, in California, Colorado and Montana. Her time managing a Community Food Cooperative in the Northwest elevated her consciousness around Food Ethics and Justice, changing her food perspective and ultimately leading to her passion for CropSwap.
A former Educator, Peace Corps Volunteer and International Relief Worker, Alex’s operations and program development experience led to a decade of work in Information Technology and Services. Today, as an independent consultant, she continues to engage with global audiences to build and strengthen training programs.
Responsibly farmed and harvested foods remain a priority for Alex, guiding her consumer choices and personal interests. As one of ProduceGood’s founders, she is thrilled to share her professional skills and dedication to the availability of safe, whole foods. From picking fresh fruit as a CropSwap volunteer to answering questions from friends and family about food labeling and quality to designing educational and distribution programs to get fresh, wholesome food to those who need it most, Alex is devoted to the idea of sustainability through ProduceGood.