Programs that Produce Good

CropSwapHarvest & Rescue
Our flagship program, CropSwapSanDiego, is a gleaning group that harvests excess fruit in backyard orchards of San Diego and utilizes the services of Feeding America San Diego and San Diego Food Bank to deliver it to local food banks. Since 2010, we have harvested over 90,000 pounds of fruit…and counting. To join us at a Pick or arrange a Pick for your group, please email or complete the form on the Volunteer Page.
Reclaim for Good
Reclaim for GoodRecover & Transform
A future program involves innovative strategies for gleaning which will allow us to move produce that would otherwise be wasted into the hands of skilled partners who will transform it. For example, it could become a nutritious food source for local use. Watch for updates through the website, Facebook, Twitter and community news.
Community Moves
Community MovesEngage & Educate
Come and join our growing community. People of all ages coming together to support each other while doing their part to help the greater community is what ProduceGood is all about. We have over 90 Pick volunteers, and growing all the time. We also are building a list of organizations wishing to sponsor specific Picks in order to help others through a shared experience with their members. We are continuously partnering with organizations with a shared mission to reduce waste, recover food and find ways to educate the public on these subjects.